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Have you been thinking about starting an aquarium?  Whether in your home or business, adding in your present tank or just looking for advice from experts in fish and reef keeping. Wolf’s Aquatic Reef Designs service many of our own customers in either home, businesses or just answer all questions they have in store or phone. Purchasing from our tanks you are guaranteed you are acquiring that healthiest, beautiful and amazing specimen.

We are here to serve both the fresh and saltwater community hobbyist with our 40 years plus experiences. We will share our knowledge with you with do’s and don’ts for your tank set up. With the knowledge of do’s and don’ts guarantees you away from frustration and expenses? You will see your success with our do’s and don’ts.

Fish for sale

  • Marine Fish
  • Freshwater Fish

Coral for Sale

We sale different type of coral from LPS to SPS. Whatever you need we got it for you in stock or will get them from our wholesaler for the next visit.

What we do

Our Services

Aquariums Supplies

We have them all from Tanks, Filter, Overflow, Chiller, Live Rocks, Sand, Water, Container, Fish Food, Supplement, Grable and many more.

Fish for sale

Saltwater Fish: Different type of Clownfish, Anthias, Tangs, Pajama, Chromis, Cleaner Fish,  Cleaner Shrimp, Seahorse, Clean-up Crew and many more.

Freshwater Fish: Discuss, Cardinal, Neon, Guppy, Beta and many more.

Coral for sale

Acropora from Mother Colony to Frags, Anemones, Duncan, Torch, Hammer, Zoa, Polyp, Monti, GSP, Blasto, and many more.


If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just let us know and we will gladly help you out and pick them up for you in our next visit to our wholesalers.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To deliver you your dream tank and exotic aquarium life.