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Do you need help maintaining your aquarium?  Just simply call Wolf’s Aquatic Reef Designs. We can be available at your request of date and time.  We cover everything from installations, maintenance and overall revamps

Fish for SaleCoral For Sale
Fish for Sale

Marine Fish

Wolf Aquatic Reef Designs stock the healthiest Marine fish for your aquarium. We hand select our fish for sale, they are well fed with the highest quality food and the holding tank are super clean. Not only we stock different marine fish we also carry different types of coral. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we will gladly pick them up for you from our wholesalers on our next visit if available.

We also have…

Fresh Water Fish

We love Discuss and other neutral low PH, do you? not only we have marine fish but we have different types of freshwater. We also carry aquatic plants including many kinds of Anubias and other warm water plants.

Coral for Sale


Are you a beginner, medium or expect? Wolf Aquatic Reef Designs carry all type of corals and will be happy to help our customer to which will be suitable for your type of tank set up. We pride ourselves on stocking the healthiest, beautiful and amazing corals you will find in Ventura. We hand pick our corals from our wholesaler to make sure that our customers will have the healthiest, beautiful and amazing coral in the tank. Before we let our customers purchased our coral we make sure that they are properly cared for and in the cleanest condition.

Aquariums for Sale


Wolf’s Aquatic Reef Designs carries many different kinds of supplies that you will need for your aquarium for either getting a free made or customized tank, whether you are just getting into the hobby or already in the hobby, we carry all the supplies that you will need. Here, you will find all you need such as food for fish and corals, medicine, filters, cleaning supplies, live rocks and sand, lighting, pumps and of course water for fresh and saltwater.

We specialize in LED light and have used them for many years now to all of our customers. By using this type of light we have helped our customer save money by cutting power cost. We have all you need to keep your aquarium healthy and clean at a very competitive price.

We can customize your dream tank, and we will work with you to achieve that dream tank to the shaped and sized of your choice. We are also happy to meet with you and provide that best advice and a suitable process for your installation.

We Offer

Professional Maintenance

Having a healthiest, beautiful and amazing aquarium is very rewarding and relaxing, but also very challenging to replicate the balance nature in the aquarium. Wolf's Aquatic Reef Designs are here to help and make sure you achieve that reward and relaxation but away from frustration. We will be glad to help you achieve as close as possible and natural condition that exists in an exotic coral reef, topical, or freshwater lake through our service. We insured, reliable and professionalism that our team will provide you and your aquarium.